Our Story

The Skyluna Story was certainly born out of necessity. I think all parents can agree that mastering the work-life balance, especially in the early stages, is very difficult. Most working Moms go back to work, reluctantly, just a few short months after having a baby. We have an urge or in most cases, a need, to get back to work yet our hearts break to leave our little ones. 

Founder, Briana Carroll, saw this flaw in the system and thought, how can I help? This is when the Skyluna story began and came to life! With the uncertainty and change that Covid brought about, the idea of playworking has not only interested parents, but also companies to allow work from home for their employees. That’s where Skyluna comes in. We are building a community of working parents, who don’t want to compromise family life for professional endeavors, and who are overcoming the current status quo by having it all. You no longer have to leave your child in a foreign environment while you go to work, or worse working with them screaming for your attention in the background the whole time. At Skyluna you know your child is taken care of, nurtured, learning, and you still have the ability to interact as you wish throughout your day. No longer will you miss out on some of the most important milestones of their young lives. Nor will they yours! At Skyluna you get to celebrate with your children as you succeed in your career all while watching them grow. The great thing about our facility is you get to be productive as your children get to connect and learn important skills. The sky really is the limit at Skyluna.

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According to Jet Black, everything has a beginning and an end. Life is just a cycle of starts and stops. There are ends we don’t deisre, but they’re inevitable, we have to face them. It’s what being human is all about.

Skyluna Story

Founder, Briana Carroll and her 2 children Skylar & Luna