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Skyluna Infant Program

Sky Work – Skyluna: Coworking + Childcare that enables parents to work and not have to sacrifice family time. A beautifully designed coworking space that inspires productivity and includes Semi-Private offices for rent, a Coworking Lounge, Conference Room, and Phone Booths for added privacy. Here at Skyluna, we have created spaces that inspire creative parents and children here in this beautiful entertainment city. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your work, your art, your passion when becoming a parent. We encourage parent-child interaction, making your children a part of every aspect of your life, and you theirs. Never miss out on your little artist blossoming as they learn to create alongside you. Although we welcome all professional backgrounds, we do embrace the creative community. We provide a Waldorf Enrichment Program where the kids get to take part in creative activities such as art, yoga, reading fairytales, learning to dance, paint, or play music. The esoteric Waldorf educational philosophy develops children’s intellectual, artistic, and practical skills in an integrated and holistic manner. We let the student lead the way and our teachers guide their learning process to truly empower them to reach for the stars!

Skyluna offers non-membership pricing as well. 

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The Skyluna telephone booths are perfect for added privacy during phone calls and video conferencing. Telephone booths are limited to 2 hours max.

Hot Desks +
Semi-Private Offices

Simply having a workspace that fits your needs is what it takes to be productive. Especially when it comes to working from home. Skyluna offers shared Coworking spaces as well as semi-private offices for working adults. 

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If you’re needing a quick professional space to offer a consult or conduct a meeting, Skyluna has the solution for you!


A beautifully designed coworking space inspires everything, just like according to Sean Peek, coworking spaces allow you to get out of your own bubble: By exposing you and your employees to new perspectives, you can build a better business. A comfortable and efficient workspace is essential to any business’s success.