Toddlers learn best in safe, loving places where they can explore, in their own way.

the toddlers care program at Skyluna

Children thrive through creative expression. We utilize music, art, cooking, movement, yoga, and more to provide children with multiple opportunities for self-expression. In turn, they develop fine and gross motor skills and space awareness through learning and play. We at Skyluna believe that experience is the best way to learn, and that a well-rounded education involves more than learning numbers, letters, and colors. We want to help your young child build a strong, holistic foundation for their lifetime of learning, one that is led by their own creativity, self-confidence, and understanding of their personal passions and strengths.
The Skyluna Toddler Program is for children 18 months of age up to 3 years old. This program is only offered in conjunction with our Coworking programs. Questions?