Preschool Program

Important goals of preschool programs are to help children acquire social skills and giving them the tools they need before school entry.

Skyluna – Preschool Program emphasizes imaginative play, art and creative activities such as music, storytelling, painting, and body movement. The preschool years are recognized to be a special time in the development of the child as they prepare for grade school. Our literacy-rich, play-based Waldorf program provides children the opportunity to play, work and explore their world in an unhurried environment. The main objective is placed on imagination and creative thinking with an emphasis on social-emotional development. We focus on problem-solving skills and hands-on meaningful learning experiences that promote critical thinking, creative solutions, ingenuity, and collaboration.

The Skyluna Preschool Program is for children 3 years of age up to 5 years of age. Questions? Contact Skyluna today.

Flexible Options for Your Convenience:

At Skyluna, we understand that every family’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer you the flexibility to choose what works best for you and your child. You have the option to drop off your little one just like a typical preschool, allowing them to embark on their learning journey while you take care of other responsibilities.

Alternatively, you’re also welcome to stay on site and actively participate in your child’s activities. Plus, as part of our commitment to supporting working parents, you can utilize our complimentary co-working space right here at Skyluna. We believe in putting you in control, tailoring the Skyluna experience to suit your family’s preferences.

Whether you’re dropping off, staying, or making use of our co-working space, Skyluna is here to create a nurturing environment where children can thrive and parents can feel confident in their choices.

Join us in shaping a bright future for your child, your way.