Infant Program

At the Skyluna Infant Program, we provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for infants aged eight weeks to 18 months. 

At Skyluna Infant Program, we lay a foundation that encourages learning and curiosity by listening and adhering to what the infant wants. Our childcare providers are not only extremely knowledgeable and experienced, but caring, nurturing, and genuinely love every aspect of caring for your little souls. We enthusiastically offer immersive learning opportunities. We introduce children to a wide variety of edifying information. This includes the fun and creative exploration of languages and diverse cultures. Encouraging entrepreneurial thinking is one of our most important concepts. It allows children to explore, problem-solve, and make independent choices. We’ve seen children make significant progress while working individually, and in group settings, when they know they are supported in self-direction.

The Skyluna Infant Program is for children 2 months of age up to 18 months. This program is only offered in conjunction with our Coworking programs. Questions? Contact Skyluna today.

Our experienced caregivers are committed to fostering your child’s growth and development through play, exploration, and positive interactions. We understand that every infant is unique, and we work closely with parents to create individualized care plans that meet each child’s needs and preferences.